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In this day and age, the male teenager is a powerful spending group in their own way. Their unique lifestyle, motives, feelings will impact on the media communication. In terms of advertising, it is critical to use the proper communication methods during the process. The report is on behalf of Peperami Company which promotes a new packing of Peperami Roller. In the following sections the author will give justification in each point. By referring to the integration of marketing theory and practical examples from the similar industry the author will critical evaluate the current media tool such as TV and Billboard. In addition, detailed considerations will be mentioned if there are other media communication methods, with special attention on internet marketing, which the target audience would like to accept and interact. Hopefully, at the end of the report, it will show how the components will work efficient together and the synergy in the design.

1. Overview of communications considerations for the target market

1.1UK male teenagers’ life style

According to Jekielek and Brown (2005), male teenagers are positioned in a unique category between child and adult. The transition may appear in they are taking steps to achieve emotional independence, measures of financial and residential. Spero and Stone (2004) point out the teenage male is about to feel independent, empowered and free of moral judgments.

They have their own independent social groups on the internet depends on their interests. Male teenager likes to act as cool and they also like doing everything opposite of old generation. Today’s teens are coming of age with the rapid development of advanced communication and media tools. (See Appendixes 1) According to Churchill and Dawn (2009)’s statics. Male teenagers in England enjoy texting and chatting to friends via mobiles. One in three male teenagers send over 30 text messages a day, which is nearly 1000 per month. The most popular topics they concerns are around music, sports, mobile cars and movies ect. They are usually hanging out with peers, listening to the latest music on MP3 players. They not only shopping for the latest fashions but also watching movies on television or at cinema. According to Diego Vasquez (2009), male teens are watching more cable TV at the expense of broadcast. They not only like to suffer on the Internet but also never give up radio and television. With the development of technologies, most companies are now using new communication media to interact with male teenage, like text messaging, for example, Pizzahut now texting the young groups with the latest discount vouchers, group invitation on Facebook or they even access to the teens’ social network on the Internet.

2. Critique of current/recent campaigns to the same target audience

2.1 Kellogg’s Coco the monkey campaign

Kellogg’s COCOA Krispies has spent roughly £ 8 million for main ads campaign: TV. Their ads include Coco the Monkey, a cute male animal character .The aim of their campaigns is to use media communication method such as TV to reach only the teenagers but also the parents can receive the direct information from TV (See Appendices 2).Although the result was good as the sales of Kellogg’s Krispies gained the recognition from the audiences and the sales increased in the first quarter. Still, Kellogg’s realized they need to adapt other media like press, posters, cinema and Internet. (

2.2 Blizzard’s Cataclysm campaign

Blizzard’s new game campaign is called “World of War Craft –Cataclysm”. The game is about dragon slayers and full with cool heroic characters. During the campaign, they firstly updated the new animation story on the website, and then put the game posters in the game shops (See Appendices 3).Their following step was to build the online communities on Twitter and Facebook, let the game masters and the fans interact with each other. They offer rare beta game opportunities to existed customers and exclusive desktops for download. However, most parents won’t allow their children to play too much online games. The company started to develop the system which called “Parental Control” to make their way easier.

2.3 Sony PSP’s Campaign

SONY PSP’s main target market is also the male teenagers. The company firstly burst with TV ads. After that, they use magazines and out-door events to promote the console. For example, there is annual Animation Exhibition held in London, Sony is one of the cooperation partners. They were sending out the new games trails to catch young teens’ attentions. However, their adv was not successful because it relates to something “disgusting”. ( (See Appendixes 4)

2.4 Coca-Cola’s campaign

Coca-Cola’s campaign also involved with online chat game which encourages visitors to create their own space, music and personal studio. By using this method, The Coke Studios Website has logged more than seven million registered users which indicate a large percentage in their early teens. (Robert Schnakenberg, 2007)

3. Positioning statement

Peperami Roller: Share something meaty!

Peperami roller is a repackaged peperami which targets for male teenagers. It is a meaty and characterful snack with a bit of fun elements.

4. Phase of communication, and their objectives (Gantt chart/18 months)

Media communication strategy

According to Antonides and Raaij (1999), a good media communication strategy will help to lock the target audiences and define the most effective way to reach them via media methods. We target two segments: parents and male teenager. In both of these segments, customers are watching TV and mobile phone users and enjoy creative experiences. The purpose of communication strategy is to identify the Primary Target Audience – These are the key persons/groups need to communicate directly. For peperami, it is essential to build up product awareness to male teenagers and parents. Holbrook (1999) points out that the customer buying behavior is also prior to the successful communication strategy. The awareness-trial-repurchase (ATR) framework is useful for mission-setting in the purchase process, including the early-on psychological effects that precede and may lead to purchase, and the physical acts of actually buying the product. This campaign would be fulfilled in three phases:

  • Phase one: Outdoor and Online communication
  • Phase two :Online penetration and free trail
  • Phase three: Mass awareness

4.1 Phase one: outdoor and online prelaunch

The objective of phase one is to implant the awareness into male teenagers’ mind. The purpose is to let male teens and their parents get to know about the repackaging of Peperami Roller.

How to achieve that?

Ambient Marketing means all marketing activities relates to creativities. It simply indicts using new and unconventional methods to reach the audience. Vasquez (2009) emphasis that company needs to brainstorm all the ways they can interact with people and media and fully use them. Ambient marketing is well designed to integrate with promotions and with point-of-purchase display, and to do so in a highly targeted manner. There are few staff will wear the Peperami Roller theme shirts while carry out several out-door events, they may dresses like cartoon character roles(stylish Peperami man as shown in adv) and play games together with the male teens or families to get them involved and share the happiness together. According to the Mintel Report (2009), most teenage males like to go to the cinemas, game stores or shopping malls. It is the best time to hand out some small but creative flash games discs exclusive for peperami rollers. In addition, the website will launch interesting stories and games for the fans to download and offer a space for them to chat online.

4.2Phase two: Online penetration and free trail

The objective of phase one is to let male teenagers know more about Peperami Roller.

How to achieve that?

There will be some interesting flash games begin to appear on the website and
will have a facility to let the customer to customize their own Peperami characters. For example, McDonald’s have launched a website which can let the young teenagers to have their own Avatar image, just pop one picture online and it will be done in seconds.

At this stage, the free trail can also inspire people to know this product, because anyone want to get a free trail either leave some valuable advices on the website or leave the full detail address for the company to contact. They can even recruit friends to get free limited peperami rollers stickers! For example, Neal’s yard has regularly put a free trail online, they want the customers to leave the full address and email address so they can send the food trail example to them directly. The author suggests Peperami could also imitate from the experiences just for a short while. Since the people who try this product will review more of the other exciting new snacks in the Peperami range .In addition, the company can collect the dynamic rich email data in order to send them the latest newsletter. During the same time, ads on Facebook and YouTube will be active.

4.3Phase three: mass awareness

The objective of phase three is planning to get the Peperami Roller repackaging message across to a broader audience of two different groups: Male teens and parents. In this phase, the aim of the stage is to raising consumers’ awareness of Peperami Roller.

How to achieve that?

During this period, TV advertisements and billboards will be adapted broadly. In addition, the Peperami Company shall delivery the message: although the packaging of peperami roller has been changed, the core concept of the product is still funny, meaty and must to have. In terms of building customer loyalty, they need to concern issues about the customer psychosocial resistant-some of them don’t like to purchase the same thing with the different packaging because it may relates to the low quality or brand credibility issues.

There are more than 30 million TV users in UK. It is the largest size of media users (Mintel Report, 2009).TV was regarded as the most significant digital media for publicity. Compare with radio and press, the mode of delivering messaging via TV seems easier and colorful. Due to the high cost concern on TV advertisement, I suggest Peperami only put their ads on TV for a short time in order to meet the budget. The purpose of using TV adv in here is let the audience to have a general idea of the product. However, Hafstrom and Chae (1992) argue that TV is efficient in raising brand awareness but poor for stimulating trial and purchase. In comparison with TV, billboards have some location advantages since they can be placed anywhere the company want. The effectiveness and information delivery really depends on places where the most target audience would pass by. The author suggests that the content of billboard can mix with the cartoon and cool elements. In addition, most billboards will be put near bus station, railway or subway.Because both of the male teens and their parents will pass by those places. Meanwhile, the company shall use texting marketing to let their customers know the latest information of the product.

5. Detailed consideration of media use (placement in which programmes/when/frequency)


The Peperami Roller advertisement will be shown on ITV and Channel 4 between 6:00-10:00.According to survey on, most teen males like to watch ‘The X Factor’ on weekend. If the advertisement was on this period, it will raise the awareness from this group. Since ITV has a lot of programes and animation such as the Desperate housewives, The Simpsons, therefore the time between this period is suitable for advertising and it has good audience rating. There are lots of ads during the “The X Factor” since it is now very popular. The best choice is ‘The X Factor’ at Sunday and Saturday which already obtained nearly 15 million people and acquired the No.1audience rating among all programmes ( Desperate housewives is also the most popular series because the story line is quite good and it attracts young parents to watch. There is new Episode 4 Amish: World’s Squarest Teenagers which talk about the stories and adventures on Channel 4 will catch teenagers’ attention. The TV share of ‘Emmerdale’ now has 7 millions audiences rating and it is the third most popular soap opera in UK ( Peperami’s advertisement will mostly on in between 6:00-10:00 and will be shown at least twice on weekend in ITV1 and Channel 4.


Since the Billboards can be placed at certain places like roadside, railway stations, underground or even the side of life in London. It is common that the billboards can be placed at the side of main road near city centre so it is easily can be seen. For example, the peperami posters can be post in London’s underground; there are lots of advertisement billboards in the tunnel.


It is better to have sale point in supermarket, convenience stores, campus restaurant and city centre. It is considerable that send out free trail sample to the pass-by in the city centre. While in supermarket, the Peperami can have the promotions like “ready sale”, buy 1 get 1 free or others. All the work from channels is to make people obtain them faster and easier.

Internet (Facebook & YouTube)

As Spero and Stone (2004) found broadband use in UK households has risen by 60 percent over the last six month, they indicate that the teenagers are online, for longer.Considering that Teens are a highly connected demographic; as a group, they are constantly in touch with their peers through email, instant messaging and phones. For example, Peperami Roller can regularly post messages or send the message via friends list. YouTube is the most popular web player in recent years; there are millions of people using YouTube now. The peperami roller can insert their adv in the beginning of a piece of music of movie to make sure people can browse it.


Text would be a useful media tool in generate information to potential customers. According to the article, a total 70% of UK teenagers said they prefer choosing text than voice messages, one in five 13-16 years old use phones only for text .The company shall use texting system to delivery the latest information or discount via mobiles.


6. Modes of customer/company contact specified in ads

Contact information must be clearly shown in ads. If the customers want to contact the company to enquiry the information about the product, they must find it easily on the main website or TV ads. For TV and billboard, it is always good to offer free charge of landline to customers in order to hearing their voices. As we can seen from the current peperami website, it has not show the telephone number or email address on website, the only way their customer can reach them is through leave an email and waiting for response. It is understandable that the contact information is confidential protected. Here the author suggests if peperami wants to hear the latest feedback from customers, they may ask them to leave messages on facebook or create Q&A area for people to share information.

7. Content to avoid

If the product wants to reach the target audience, the company needs to understand how the group of people behaves and what cool mean to them is. Of course, the male teenagers want to earn recognition from the adults; they are acting cool because they want to be unique. They have their own ways of humor and they want to have some fun and customize products and the most important is they like to play games as they want to socialize. Thus, anything would hurt their feeling shouldn’t be appear on the ads(Hafstrom and Chae ,1992) .There is a bad example when McDonald’s put its billboard with an curing obesity ads. That’s sounds funny but it will insult some teenagers who has such illness. According to the advertising standard authority, there are still some topics need to be avoided.


Although the soft drink brand Tango was aiming to create a funny character in their advertisement, but it has been criticized due to the slapping on TV. There is an image of ‘innocent bystander’ being unexpectedly slapped about the head by a large orange man. Sooner, many teenagers at school started to mimics from the adv and slapped each other for fun. At last, the slap was replaced by a kiss. Vasquez (2009) criticized that it is very bad when showing any violent scenes on ad. Whether it is for fun or other purpose and must be avoided. Another example is Sony PSP “White is Coming ad campaign”, One ad from the campaign shows the white woman gripping the black woman’s face in a
dominant gesture.It easily make the audience to think something relates to racial discrimination.(See Appendices 5)


Haribo Maoam fruit launch a new package and it was blamed in showing scenes of explicit sex. Although the spokesman from Haribo said the customized fruits were not planning to give such kind of sex hint. (See Appendices 6)

8. Explain the synergy in the design, and how the components form an effective communications package for the given target market.

By considering the most customers will be the parents and male teenager will be the target market, it is possible to combine the traditional media such as television, outdoor point of sale and new media such as websites and text messages together. Although the traditional media meet the basic criteria for example, TV ads are popular and available, the cost of advertising could be very expensive and the new media such as online Facebook or texting, they offer low cost web authoring and fastest way to delivery message, that is to say, those methods reduce the time and become more efficient in promoting the product image. In addition, it provides a platform for the customers to share information interact with each other.

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