There are people who believe that what they don’t know can’t hurt them. “Ignorance is bliss,” they say. “See no evil, hear no evil,” they even type with monkey emojis. When it comes to what’s in your burger or what your teenager is up to, that might not be such a bad modus operandi.

However, when it comes to your dog’s wellbeing, burying your head in the sand and simply hoping for the best can have disastrous consequences.

I admire people who can complete a hectic day at work and still hit the gym in the evening. Others, like me, like to get warm and comfortable on the couch, watch TV and eat. However I can afford to do that now because I don’t have a responsibility of a dog. I used to.

A tired dog truly is a well-behaved dog.

They need their 2-3 times a day walk, including at least one long walk with the owner, which not only boosts the dog’s bonding with it’s owner but also betters it’s mental health.

As a responsible owner, you cannot afford to forget those vaccination and miss the deworming schedule. Some of these need to be administered monthly, whilst others yearly. And for non-medical people jargons like boosters, kennel couch, ringworm, lungworm, and others can sometimes get overwhelming. Nevertheless, you still cannot miss them.

Lastly, let’s be honest, how many of us actually remembers our dogs’ microchip id number or have managed to keep your pooch’s insurance docs and details, vaccination log book and schedule and other appointments well documented? If you have, then the rest of 95% of us really admire your organisation skills.

Anyhow, let’s say that you are one of those rare 5% and you keep everything well documented and organised and you never miss a single schedule. And now you decide to go on a little holiday and you have to leave Pluto behind with a dog sitter or at a kennel. Every dog is unique (and beautiful) so your dog’s carer would ideally like to know when does Pluto eats, walks, sleeps, pees and poops and what he likes and what he doesn’t. It maybe a good idea to tell the carer about Pluto’s allergies and medication schedule, if he is on one. My labrador was a very friendly dog but he switched into a  crazy monster when someone touched his ear. He has to go with a warning. Maybe let the carer know about Pluto’s buttons as well. 

You Miss (or Mr.) organised will tell the carer everything, but what are the odds that she / he will write all of this down AND remember it?

I have had dogs all my life and I always wondered about these things. So I worked with a group of geniuses – few geeks, few engineers, a couple of vets, a scientist and more, and created PoochPlay (Visit – for details)

PoochPlay is a free mobile app that helps you manage your dog’s wellbeing..

This mobile app lets you store all vital information about your dog, including documents which can be photographed and uploaded. It let’s you setup all important (and trivial) schedule, vaccination and worm treatment reminders, other appointments and more. It also comes with an activity tracker designed for pooches that goes on your it’s collar and tells you what it has been up to whilst you were away. It doesn’t need to be recharged and it stores activity data for up to 7 days, which sync with the app wirelessly.

For new owners, PoochPlay also has a little knowledge-base section that gives you a little information about your dog breed. PoochPlay will also send smart notifications, e.g. – Let’s say you leave for work at 8AM and return at 6:30, Pluto is an indoor dog, and today is going to be one hot day. So, PoochPlay will notify you at 7AM in the morning that today is going to be a hot day so please keep you home ventilated and ensure that there is enough water for your pooch. Smart, eh?!

The other great thing about PoochPlay is that if you were to go on a holiday and leave Pluto with a carer then you can share ALL of this information with the carer in merely 2 clicks. You can then track your pooch’s schedule and activity whilst you’re away. You can un-share this information when you’re back!

Pre-register now (click here) and receive a FREE activity tracker when we launch!

Most of us love our dogs and want to take the best care of him / her, and if we miss out of any of our duties it is only because we are unaware of it or because we forget. PoochPlay is a little friendly app, that will sit in your phone, both Android and IOS (Apple), and assist you be the owner your pooch expects you to be. 

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