If music only means “organised sound”, then I would agree that people still make music. However, if music needs explaination anything beyond that and be considered a language that speak to souls, have an ever lasting impact and need sheer passion to make it then is music going extinct???

Try this, right now. Ask the person next to you to name one song which they remember and have known it since past atleast 5 years. Now, check, what genre does it belong to? Indeed, it is not the same genre that floods the bandwidth of radio and youtube these days. Try another experiment, take any 4 different songs on artists like Justin beiber (Agreed that its a tough job, considering that they all sound the same, you will have to go by the track number to make sure that they are different tracks) and mix them to make it a single track. Now, ask that artists so called “fan” to name all the songs used in that single track. You will get the same response that you are thinking right now!


Rock and Roll – legends

Music is a part of culture of people and looks like the world is forgetting that. Cultures fuse to make traditions and hence influences actions. Music made these days are catchy, sounds the same and are short lived. This not only applies to the music they make, but it also applied to the artists and bands themselves. I mean, remember Britney Spears when she did it again. She was all over the music channels and defined a cult of teenager popstars, how long did she last??? Compare it with Beatles. Sorry folks for even mentioning these two name in the same sentences, but the moment called for this.

Bon Jovi, Nirvana, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and the Doors. Compare. They all sound different. Add 20 more to this list and you will have 20 more unique sounds. They all set different mood and they do not have fans, but followers. They had a reason for their existance, and the reason was to make music only! Fame followed.

Artists these days (I dont wanna name names) sound so similar. They cannot have followers as they do not exist for that long. Their live performance do not carry the aura along. But they are good at one thing, and that is being catchy and setting the rhythms to keep the feets tapping in the clubs.

Can it be argued that this is a reason why 96.4% of teenagers who listen only to these kind of artists display character which is loud, but their personality and relationships are short-lived.

Lets analyse. What do u streotype a person with long hair, who rides a noisy chopper and has a set of six strings hanging off his back? You refer to
as someone who has a rock-n-roll rolling in his discman. Why did this happen, because somewhere in your sub-conscious mind, even you are aware that people become what they listen to!

Indeed, people who listen to the music made these days also show traits derived from that genre. They are happy to tap their feet in clubs. Needs more than one partners, depicting from the sensational video and their young minds creates a virtual world where everything is loud and short lived! Platforms like Facebook provides them with the trigger (and a platform) to spread the stupidity they’ve gained from the non-sense they have been listening to.

If Rock-n-roll fades away then the doom is near. Lucky that research shows that the number of teenagers listening to classic rock has shown a continuous increase in the past few years. Well, after all isnt that what rock-n-roll is all about? The older it gets the better it gets!!!

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