Crowdsourcing is the new buzz word when it comes to enhancing ones business presence online. How different is it from outsourcing the same to a sole individual or agency? Wouldn’t that rather constitute less of a headache? Why would one want to tap different individuals who are in no way connected to each other?

If crowdsourcing is a new and emerging concept, it has supporting clauses much beyond the obvious reasons. Fiverr, Upwork and 99 Designs are examples of such platform which goes beyond mere crowdsourcing. Through such platforms the innovative business owners get the opportunity to tap the best talent from a pool of experts, which is just what a new and emerging business requires variation beyond the obvious. The freelancers too have the opportunity to extend their network and work on businesses that they have or aspire to have expertise in.

Crowdsourcing as the name suggests is outsourcing the required tasks to a number of people, i.e. the crowd through the means of an open call. Crowdsourcing usually consists of a targeted kind of work. There are several such categories pertaining to many businesses niches. Thus, the business gets the benefits of economies of scale with fresh and innovative talent, while the freelancers have a chance to showcase their talent and bag in projects to work on, thus building up their own credibility.

Crowdsourcing is similar to the concept of a good fishing day, the more the fish in the sea, the better are the chances of getting a good catch! So why wouldn’t a business want to tap efficient talent, at a set price within an appropriate timeframe?

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