Crowdsourcing Model 7: Customer to customer support

This form of Crowdsourcing allows consumers to chat with other consumers, proving help with any kind of support they need. The chat is usually carried out in online discussion open forums (Kleemann, Günter and Rieder, 2008). Open source software like Magento, DotNetNuke and Joomla have been using only this type of support to handle any issues the user might come across (DNN Support, Joomla Support)

Dell computers and Google have also adopted this form of support system. The advantage of using it is that once an issue is resolved, the steps taken to resolve this issue stays recorded and accessible by others. So when other users come across the same issue then they do not have to ask the question again or even wait for a solution to be looked for, rather they can access the database and follow the steps (Dell Support, Google Support).

From the above examples it can be seen that this model demands more than a single computer click from the crowd, hence the campaigns that use this model are said to be ‘high involvement’ campaigns.

What are the crowdsourcers motives to adopt this form of Crowdsourcing: Involve consumers with the product so much that they not only stop demanding service for the product but start helping other with the service.

What do they offer to the crowd to encourage participation?  Recognition and feeling of ownership of the brand.