Crowdsourcing Model 6: Product rating by consumer and consumers profiling

This form of Crowdsourcing provides a platform to users to rate a product or service, which they have used, felt or experienced, which is then displayed with the average rating. This, again like the previous type, provides the potential users with information to help them with their buying decision (Kleemann, Günter and Rieder, 2008).

Internet Movie Database, shortened to IMDB, is an online database of ratings of movies, television shows, actors and more. These ratings are not provided by IMDB but are provided by the users. Anyone can register on the website and rate from the listing provided in the above mentioned category. IMDB is owned by Amazon and have more than 1.4 million registered users (IMDB website).

Another interesting example of this type of Crowdsourcing would be eBay. When one purchases anything from eBay then eBay offers them to rate the seller on a scale. This rating is tagged with the user and appears to other potential buyers. This offers them a confidence level if the ratings of the sellers are on the higher scale and vice-versa (Ebay sellers).

As mentioned in model 5, the campaigns adopting this model can achieve the sought by only few clicks, and hence are „low involvement‟ model.

What are the crowdsourcers motives to adopt this form of Crowdsourcing? Create user generated content.

What do they offer to the crowd to encourage participation? Recognition and sometimes no rewards.

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